Splashing Photos with Creativity: Inventive Photography Ideas

There are times when photographers can lose inspiration or run out of ideas when taking photos. With the unceasing development in the field of photography, more projects have emerged. Here are some ideas to spark creativity in photography:

50 strangers project: This project involves interacting with new people and taking a photo of each of them. It might sound easy but it can be challenging to find people who are willing to be photographed right after meeting them. This is an exciting photography project that can lead to new adventures and friendships.


Image source: digital-photography-school.com

Capturing social issues: Shooting the harsh side of reality will surely lead to an eye-opening experience. To capture socially relevant photos, it would be helpful to collaborate with non-profit organizations, visit the slums, or take a trip to areas where there are indigenous people.

Play with perspectives: Eye level shots can be beautiful but they are pretty common. It would be fun to shoot from an aerial perspective or capture a scene from a child’s point of view.


Image source: digital-photography-school.com

Smoke art: After taking excellent smoke art photos, blend, warp, and transform it into more creative shapes through experimenting in Photoshop.

Judd Bergman here, a retired travel photographer and an avid fan of New York Yankees. Like my Faebook page for more news and updates about photography and NY Yankees.

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