Making Diy Filters From Household Objects

Back in the day, we didn’t have much technology like Photoshop, Snapseed, or Instagram. When we wanted filters, we’d have to shed funds. To save money, my photographer friends and I improvised. It’s funny because while our cameras looked weird, the effects actually worked to our advantage. Looking back, the ordinary objects we used as filters really helped us play with our creative minds. Here are some household objects that also serve as DIY filters:

Image source:

Color film negative

It might be hard to find film negatives these days. But in case you have a used role, hold it up in front of your lens and you’ll have an instant filter. It’s that easy.


Ah, this is an easy one. You can go with one color or mix and match. As for me, I have a lot of fun mixing blue and green cellophane especially for nature shots. It makes some details come alive. Wrap your lens with a sheet or a couple of sheets and start shooting away.

Image source:

Wine glass

Hold it up or down, it doesn’t matter. It creates all sorts of wonderful reflections of an object and lets you focus on an important detail while blurring out the surroundings. Perhaps you can try shaking the glass for a blurred effect.

Before being tempted to use an app to improve your shots, try these DIY filters out. I’m sure in the process you’ll discover more objects you can use also as filters. It just takes imagination and resourcefulness.

Hello there. Judd Bergman is the name. I am a retired travel photographer currently residing in the Big Apple. My hobbies include going to the Yankees Stadium to watch the local team in action. Add me on Facebook for more photography and Yankee-related stuff.


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