Photographs And Memories: My Favorite Yankees Snapshots

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Almost everyone knows my love for photography. I love my camera so much that I was essentially “married” to it for 50 years. (Thank heavens my wife was very understanding then.) But while most people know me as Judd Bergman, the travel photographer, only my family and oldest and closest friends are aware of my deep devotion to the New York Yankees.

Some may credit my commitment to The Pinstripers because I reside in New York. (For the uninformed, there’s another NY-based MLB team, the Mets.) But my devotion to the Yankees began when I was 10 years old. When you witnessed firsthand the outrageous home runs of the M&M Boys, you would never want to cheer for another team. And that exactly what I did.

I could go on and on about my favorite team, but for this blog, I wanted to highlight two of my favorite Yankees moments captured on film. A forewarning though. There’s no Babe Ruth photo on this list. I think The Bambino, hailed as the greatest Yankees of all time, deserves a list of his own.

So, without further ado, here are my favorite Yankees snapshots.

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John Domini’s 1965 photo of one of the M&M Boys, Mickey Mantle, throwing his helmet, depicts not only his disgust at a lousy at-bat but also at the impending decline of his illustrious career. Many agree that it was one of the most powerful photographs captured of a fading sports hero. I, too, agree. Looking at the photo, you can feel The Mick’s frustration that his time in the MLB is coming to an end.

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This photo of Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra screaming his guts out at umpire Bill Summers during Game 1 of the 1955 World Series is my second favorite. Berra’s protestation immortalized both on photographs and video, was because of the ruling that Jackie Robinson of the Brooklyn Dodgers stole home. While legions of baseball fans remember Yogi as the cuddly ambassador of the sport, he can be a ferocious man as the photo above shows.

Do you have any Yankees photos to share? I would love to see them! Tag me on Twitter.


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