The World’s Most Prestigious Photography Contests

To get noticed as a photographer, you need to get your work recognized by the industry veterans and the critics. Having a website and an online portfolio can help but receiving awards from prestigious competitions will give you leverage from your colleagues. Here are some of the contests that will get talented photographers noticed:

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International Photography Awards

This competition welcomes students, non-professionals, and professionals from all over the world. With a panel consisting of 85 famous names in the photography field, winning this prize cements one’s position in the industry. Also, winners will receive a Lucie Statue at the Lucie Awards Gala, a cash prize, and a feature in the annual IPA book of photography and the IPA exhibition here in New York.

National Geographic Photo Contest

This is one of the prizes many photographers aspire to win. In circulation for more than a hundred years now, the magazine has been a part of our culture. Professional and amateur photographers are welcome to join. The contest receives more than 7,000 entries from 150 countries for categories that fall under people, places, and nature.

The Pulitzer Prize for Photography

The Pulitzer Prize for Photography is the most sought-after award for professional photographers. Since 1968, photojournalists have been vying for a spot in the Spot News, Feature, and Breaking News categories. But here’s the catch: you have to be currently working for a U.S.-based media outlet to join.

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Is it worth it to enter competitions like these? Yes, of course. Not only will these contests motivate you to come up with your best work but the entries from past winners could also inspire your next projects. Whether you win or lose, there’s a lot to learn from the experience. If you feel like you have what it takes to win, go for it.

Welcome to my page! Judd Bergman here, a retired travel photographer. Throughout my stint in this industry, I realized how vast the world is and how small human beings are. All these musings aside, I am a huge follower of the MLB. As a New Yorker, the NY Yankees are my absolute favorites. Subscribe to my blog for more photos and updates on baseball.


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