A Beginner’s Guide To Breathtaking Springtime Shots

Spring is in full bloom! It’s the perfect time for photographers to take pictures of beautiful flowers and trees. Need more practice? Here are tips on creating breathtaking springtime shots.

Adjust camera settings for the great outdoors: Winter had us stuck indoors for a long time, but spring will call us to appreciate what’s out there. Take a few minutes to adjust your camera’s lighting and white balance settings so you can take photos that match what your eyes see.

Image source: hongkiat.com

Use natural lighting: Going to a sunny place for spring break? It’s the perfect location to shoot outdoor photos! Make sure to adjust your flash settings, as the sun can cast harsh shadows into your images.

Capture the blooming of fauna as well: While people anticipate springtime for the flowers, it is also the time that the birds, bears, and other fauna go outdoors to enjoy the sun. Spring is not just for the flowers, but for the people, animals, and trees as well.

Image source: hongkiat.com

Take a shot at macro photography and still life photography: Spring is a great season to do macro photography. Macro photography can let photographers capture details of flowers, bugs, patterns, and other subjects. Aside from macro photography, you can also take pictures of usual items that give spring a better look. Rakes on grass with falling leaves, Easter eggs, and blooming flowers are usual themes—it’s time you get creative, too!

Hi, I’m Judd Bergman, a retired travel photographer. Want to learn more about photography? Follow this blog for more tips.


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