The Top Three Greatest New York Yankees Moments

No matter how you spin it, you have to accept that the New York Yankees are one of the greatest sports franchises in history. From popular media to independent features, the Yankees can be considered a household name.

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Being such a big name, the Yankees have had some extremely defining moments: some even changing Major League baseball fundamentals. Three of these are listed below.

Babe Ruth’s sale: Before the chocolate, Babe Ruth was considered one of the greatest players of all time. In 1919, Babe Ruth joined the Yankees for US $100,000, an amount that was twice the number ever paid for any ballplayer at the time. In his first season alone, Ruth made the Yankees reach unfathomable heights, eventually becoming known as the “curse of the Bambino” for the series of the Red Sox failures.

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Unbeatable record in sports history: Part of the reason for the Yankees’ fame is their astounding track record. Many baseball experts pin the start of this to May 15, 1941 where the Yankees won 55 games straight, giving Joe DiMaggio an all-time consecutive game hitting record. The Yankees are also the only team in the League’s history to hit three grand slams in one game. This occurred on August 25, 2011, with Robinson Cano, Russell Martin, and Curtis Grandersron cementing Yankee excellence forever.

Lou Gehrig’s speech: This can never be forgotten. On June 19, 1939, Lou Gehrig announced that he was diagnosed with a fatal disease and was forced into early retirement. He was given one of the most heart-warming sendoffs on July 4, 1939. This speech still brings tears to my eyes.

The New York Yankees has done much to promote American baseball and I am proud to have been a loyal fan through these long years.

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Splashing Photos with Creativity: Inventive Photography Ideas

There are times when photographers can lose inspiration or run out of ideas when taking photos. With the unceasing development in the field of photography, more projects have emerged. Here are some ideas to spark creativity in photography:

50 strangers project: This project involves interacting with new people and taking a photo of each of them. It might sound easy but it can be challenging to find people who are willing to be photographed right after meeting them. This is an exciting photography project that can lead to new adventures and friendships.


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Capturing social issues: Shooting the harsh side of reality will surely lead to an eye-opening experience. To capture socially relevant photos, it would be helpful to collaborate with non-profit organizations, visit the slums, or take a trip to areas where there are indigenous people.

Play with perspectives: Eye level shots can be beautiful but they are pretty common. It would be fun to shoot from an aerial perspective or capture a scene from a child’s point of view.


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Smoke art: After taking excellent smoke art photos, blend, warp, and transform it into more creative shapes through experimenting in Photoshop.

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Back to Basics: Returning to Film Photography

Digital photography has made the lives of photographers so much easier. Instead of spending so much time in the darkroom to make sure our prints come out right, we can now do it in front of the computer. In the past decade, photography has become a convenient and accessible art form. No wonder lots of kids these days want to become photographers.

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What I kind of regret is that most digital photographers no longer experienced “dark times” for print processing. Though I kind of detested staying in the dark room for long hours during my younger years, now I appreciate the discipline it instilled in me. I think it made me more thoughtful and inventive with each shot because film is expensive. It taught me about light exposure and sharpness even before Photoshop and Instagram came along. Ah, just the thought of the stop bath makes my nose itch. For the uninitiated, a stop bath is a chemical bath commonly used for black and white prints. Yes, during our heyday we didn’t have Inkwell and Gotham.

These days I’m glad that younger photographers are taking the time to learn about “classic” photography. Even if it means starting out with an instant camera, it’s important that they’re learning the real value of anticipating that one big moment. As for me, it’s fun to check if my old skills are still intact. I’m a bit rusty but maybe I really need the time off from my DSLR to develop my patience again.

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